October 4, 2021
Ontario Urban Centres - A Green Infrastructure Conundrum
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is pleased to announce a new initiative to advance science and practices on important nature-based solutions topics. As part As part of Vineland's Greening the Landscape Research Consortium, Greening the Landscape Conversations is a platform to infuse and mobilize knowledge with on-the-ground perspectives, covering both policy and practices.

Ontario Urban Centres - A Green Infrastructure Conundrum

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
From 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Growing the urban tree canopy benefits society. While there are expectations to increase canopy cover, many cities in Ontario are still working to recover from the devastating effects of Emerald Ash Borer. The COVID-19 pandemic has also revealed insufficiencies and inaccessibility of greenspaces in urban centres. What does this mean for the future of nature in Canada’s cities, towns and surrounding areas?

Join presenters:
  • Shannon McKay, Director of Community Services for the Town of Lincoln
  • Steve Robinson, Manager of Urban Forestry for the City of Burlington
  • Darby McGrath, PhD, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s Consortium Leader


More about Greening the Landscape Research Consortium
This new public-private research consortium addresses common urban landscape challenges and is now open for membership. The consortium will lead urban greening research by setting research priorities reflecting industry needs and supporting its economic success. Consortium members will also have access to a range of other benefits, from training and skills development opportunities to innovative data, network connections and emerging knowledge.

Various levels of consortium membership are available to stakeholders along the urban tree value chain, including municipalities, conservation authorities, provincial governments, non-governmental organizations, suppliers, nurseries, landscape professionals, architects, professional associations, developers and consultants.

Membership information is available through researchconsortium@vinelandresearch.com.